What is True Keratin

Created as an in-salon service designed to help you love your hair again. At some point most of us have longed for luscious locks that are easy to manage and shine with health, the discovery of keratin treatments has now made this a reality to millions. 

This system smoothens the hair and restores the youthful appearance by repairing damaged hair and provide them with long-term nutrition and protection. Clinical tests have shown that the natural properties of the hair are preserved and rebuilt inside and outside. This system also provides protection against harmful UV rays, chemical treatments, aging and daily washing and styling of hair. 

TrueKeratin, unlike other keratin-containing systems, is not subject to hydrolysis. Clinical tests have shown that the process of hydrolysis has bad influence on protein keratin, causing that they become inactive and cannot efficiently bind to the hair. The result is a lack of anti-aging effects. 

TrueKeratin hair care products are developed without the use of toxins, dangerous synthetics, or harmful chemicals. All of ingredients are carefully sourced from trusted certified suppliers, who are opposed to animal testing and share ethics concerning the environment.

TrueKeratin is the ultimate eco-luxury treatment hair care brand that will transform hair immediately with visible results. TrueKeratin products are only available through select direct distribution like PK HairStylist to qualified salons.


TrueKeratin Smoothing Systems are only available in salons and are to be administered by professionally trained hair stylists. All contain keratin amino acids to increase hair’s flexibility and elasticity, argan oil to condition and revitalize hair, and certified organic aloe vera to help restore hair’s natural strength and beauty.

 How it's done


TrueKeratin uses natural and certified organic ingredients in haircare products. The fruits, herbs, oils, and keratin used have been carefully sourced from trusted, certified suppliers who are opposed to animal testing and who share ethics concerning   the environment.

  • 100% Formaldehyde Free
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Certified Suppliers
  • NO Animal Testing
  • Powerful Antioxidants
  • Essential Vitamins & Minerals